Meet Craig Smith

Craig Smith, President of the Academy of Sports and Character, helps to equip coaches—from youth leagues to professionals—with the tools, inspiration, and motivation necessary to lead their teams. He is passionate about how sports transforms lives when a coach leads with character. Craig speaks to kids of all ages, parents, coaches, and business executives while also coaching youth leagues and coaches. He is active in the development of character programs, completing his first book, and volunteering in his community.


Listen to Craig's radio interview on The Neil Haley Show - May 2018

Keynote Topics

Why Teams Win

Some teams seem to consistently rise to the top of the standings. There are certain people you can call “winners.” People who are good at whatever they choose to do. What sets these people and teams apart? What makes them winners? We know that no one wins all of the time and no team stays at the top for long, yet, what are the common factors they all seem to have? What do the winners do consistently? In this session, Smith explores the inner workings of winners and what it takes to become one.

(Leadership, Motivation/Inspiration, Communication, Service)


Everyone has been through tough times and experienced failure. Many allow this failure to define them. Others find a way out or through the failure and can look back on it as a learning experience instead of something career ending or life altering. What do you do NEXT? How do you move through the hard times? NEXT defines failure as something that happens in life, not something that defines YOU. During this program, Smith provides practical steps to living in the NEXT and developing the skills to learn from the past instead of letting it define you.

(Motivation/Inspiration, Ethics, Leadership)

The Catalyst—Becoming A Difference Maker

Every organization, team, and family has a catalyst—the glue that holds the group together or visionary that leads. Every group has people they cannot do without. The comedian who knows when to lighten tension in the room, the servant that helps someone in need, the leader that knows the right thing to say. In this program Smith discusses difference makers and what it takes to become one, guiding each person to define their talents and roles in their organizations for overall success.

(Service, Ethics, Leadership, Motivation/Inspiration)

The High Price of Success

Many people and organizations strive for success, yet few in senior leadership warn of the pitfalls that come with it. Plutarch wrote that after conquering the known world, Alexander the Great wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer. Chasing a goal, working on a plan, and pursuing a dream is exhilarating, brings people together, and has meaning. What happens when the war is over, the project is finished, or the championship has been won? Dealing with the changes that take place after great success can be a struggle. Money, free time, and little accountability can create a dangerous situation. In this program, Smith talks about the pressure to rise and the drawbacks and challenges of arriving at the top.

(Communication, Leadership, Ethics, Motivation/Inspiration)

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